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Second Mortgage Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit

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Important Direct Deposit Update

Recently The Federal Reserve Bank has made several changes regarding direct deposit policies. In the past, FFCU has only received one direct deposit file per day which always posted early morning. Following new changes, we are now required to post several files during the day. Direct deposits can be on any of those files and we unfortunately are unable to control when the direct deposit is scheduled to post.  We assure you we will continue to work diligently to post these files as soon as they are received; however, please keep in mind this change may affect any early payroll postings you received in the past.


Phone Numbers

Lost or Stolen MasterCard ATM/Debit Cards 
should be immediately reported to Credit Union.  If the Credit Union offices are closed, please call:
(24 hours a day)

Lost or Stolen MasterCard Credit Cards:

Lessons about Cyber Security

Credit Unions have a new resource to educate their members about frauds, scams, and cyber threats.

To view the NCUA's two-part video on how to recognize, avoid and report cyber fraud, click on the links below.

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